Step up your Influencer Marketing: Best Practices in 2016

The book on influencer marketing doesn’t exist. The space is littered with advertisers scrambling to generate results with influencers that aren’t natural endorsers. Given influencer marketing’s frenzied growth, this disconnect is understandable. I’ve spent a lot of time in this space over the last few years and have ironed out strategies that set the table for influencers to drive successful integrations and build lasting relationships with brands. Done the right way, influencer marketing can generate serious ROI for advertisers, substantial and sustainable income for influencers, and deep engagement with brands and influencers that audiences care about.

How can influencers make it happen?

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Follow up on Gold ($GLD) in 2016

Unless you want to buy physical gold bullion or gold coins, you can look to the SPDR ETF for Gold (GLD) as an investment vehicle to gain exposure to the precious metal. Gold fundamentally IS money and has historically performed well as an asset class compared to fiat currency. With all the uncertainty surrounding the world’s economy, zero-percent interest rates gaining steam as a viable central banking strategy, and a technical breakout in the stock chart, GLD should continue to rise over the coming months.

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Buy It: Oster MyBlend Blender and Sports Bottle

So I recently went to Bed Bath & Beyond in Chelsea for new linens, but naturally stumbled into their appliance section. As I walked through an endless row of toaster ovens and juicers, a blender caught my attention because it was being promoted as most convenient blender ever.

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Donald Trump’s Viral Presidential Campaign

I’m not writing about Donald Trump to dissect his track record as a business magnate, a political donor, or an educator. That’s been done really well across the media by NBC, The Daily Beast, and Slate, respectively. I’m writing about Donald Trump’s marketing savvy. Love him or hate him, he’s the most effective communicator we’ve seen in a long time.

What’s he doing so well?

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What’s up with Gold (GLD) in 2016?

Gold (GLD) has been on a tear in 2016, posting a 17% gain vs a -6% return of the S&P 500. After breaking through a multi-year downtrend on February 17th, it’s continued up another 4% to $120, and looks poised to test its January 2015 high of $125.54.  Gold doesn’t move quickly and is usually range-bound, so I expect the market to digest the recent run before testing that next resistance level.

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Frank Locascio – marketing pro by day, chart reader by night

Did you know that the word “stocks” appears in Google searches 3x as often as equities? Give me all those long-tail terms, thanks.

If you’re looking to connect, here are my social profiles. Full-time I work as an affiliate manager at a prominent startup in New York. I was hired as employee number 30 and we’re now over 450. We’ve gone on a memorable customer acquisition binge the last few years. I’ll write about it one day.

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