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DRAFT Promo Code

DRAFT Promo Code

So I work at DRAFT – a fantasy sports company. We run daily, weekly and season-long fantasy leagues for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf. My role there is on the marketing side where I run a few of our paid marketing channels like Facebook and Apple Search and help out with the affiliate and partnership side as well.

We run a lot of offline advertising, and we like to track which ads work and which ads don’t work so we know what we need to do more of and what we need to pull back from. To track offline channels, we use promo codes.

Use the promo code BESTPROMOCODE on

The issue with advertising promo codes to solve your attribution problem is that it creates a new attribution problem.

Users have a tough time remembering promo codes they hear in advertising, so when they go to sign up for your product and see the prompt to enter a promo code, they go search Google for one. If you have affiliates that create content about your product, they’ll rank for your branded terms like what we see for DRAFT Promo Code. We pay these affiliates for referrals, but we want the referrals we’re paying for to be truly incremental and not siphoned off at the finish line.

There are a few ways to attack the issue and capture more of your branded traffic, but it essentially comes down to disallowing the behavior through your affiliate terms or contracts and flat outranking the affiliates for the desirable terms.

At DRAFT, we’ve built a page to capture DRAFT Promo Code search traffic that gives our best sign-up offer. You’ll get a free $3 Entry on your first deposit and a money back guarantee on your 1st entry.

You can also use promo code DPC2018.

It’s a genuine offer, and the strategy to rank for the term works. Users are happy to sign up directly through us as long as they know they’re getting the best deal.