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A Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Alts?

A Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Alts?

How much Bitcoin should a crypto portfolio have? How much Ethereum? How heavily should you invest in other alts vs your Bitcoin holding? These are some of the most interesting discussions crypto investors have. They debate ad nauseam why their allocation is “correct” and why each alt coin in their portfolio has merits.

Here’s my current breakdown. I don’t have time to flesh this out right now but I wanted to post.

Ethereum (43.4%)

Monero (12.8%)

NEO (12.0%)

Bitcoin Cash (10.9%)

Bitcoin (6.4%)

ZCash (4.6%)

FunFair (2.4%)

ZClassic (1.4%)

Nano (1.3%)

0x (1.3%)

Augur (0.5%)

Status (0.7%)

Gas (1.2%)

Steem (1.1%)

SEO for dummies

SEO for dummies

What are the no-brainer steps to getting your website to rank?

Create Content

Create text-based content early and often. Google likes freshness and will reward your website when new words and pages appear frequently. Make content around the keywords you want to rank for. If the content is good, the next section becomes infinitely easier. People will share your content if it’s valuable, earning you valuable backlinks and traffic. Not rocket science.


Google likes when other websites link to your website, but not all links are treated equally. Many major websites insert “nofollow” tags on links that direct off of their own domain – a strategy to retain SEO juice. “nofollow” links aren’t useless, but they’re not as impactful as links that are follow eligible. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Wikipedia are all nofollow. Reddit is generally nofollow, but popular posts are rewarded as follow eligible.

Keyword Optimization

Put the keywords you want to rank for all over the place. Headers, titles, page URL, hosted image URLs and image meta descriptions. Balance an aggressive approach with not sounding like an SEO spam robot.

Set realistic goals

Make sure that your keyword goals are attainable. For you to see search traffic, you need to rank on page 1. Is your target keyword broad and generic, and are the incumbent ranking pages from legitimate heavy hitters? Unlikely to crack page 1 unless you’re also a heavy-hitter with a broad backlink profile.


Youtube TV and How I Cut The Cord

Youtube TV and How I Cut The Cord

I cut the cord from traditional cable and added YouTube TV 9 months ago. Netflix and Amazon subscriptions have also eased transition to a cable-less world, but YouTube TV has turned into a significant portion of my video consumption since I subscribed. It’s given me a majority of the channels I’d historically watched, unlimited DVR through a forgivingly clunky interface.

ESPN, 2, News, SEC Network, YES and the major networks have been staples of my consumption for as long as I remember. TNT and TBS have just been added today, so I now get all the NBA and March Madness NCAA I need for the rest of the year.

Youtube TV has just released their Samsung Smart TV App, so I don’t have to use my laptop to change channels or adjust DVR settings. The TV App is solid – the only major issue I’ve run into is fast-forwarding and rewinding on recorded programming. If I try to move too far too fast, the buffering freezes and I need to reboot the program. This only happens on long recordings – like movies and sporting events.

Overall I’m happy with YouTube TV. The product has improved quickly feature-wise and they seem committed to paying for more and more content providers. The new stations have all been free with my base subscription.

Top Crypto Movers 2/8/18: Bitcoin Cash (+31%), Lisk (+21%)

Top Crypto Movers 2/8/18: Bitcoin Cash (+31%), Lisk (+21%)

Do we have a bounce in the crypto space?! Maybe. Depends which technician or fortune teller you ask. Personally I don’t expect us to move strictly higher immediately, but I think the bottom is in and we’ll see buyers generally overwhelming the sellers. That’s partially because we have some regulatory direction after the CFTC hearing on Wednesday. The chairman Chris Giancarlo made some very positive statements about the category much to the exuberance of cryptocurrency twitter. Giancarlo’s account grew from 3k ->30k followers overnight.

Here’s a bit on today’s winners.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash surged over 31% today – the controversial fork of the bitcoin blockchain. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin Cash forked to increase the block size from 1MB to 8MB as traditional bitcoin fees soared due to a lack of block space. With the increased block size, essentially all Bitcoin Cash transactions are included in the next available block regardless of fees designated by the sender, so transactions are always confirmed within 10 minutes basically for free.

BCH tends to spike incredibly hard for a day or two before retracing a portion of the move over the following week. Remains to be seen how much of this move up is retained. Today’s move puts some distance over the next largest crypto asset – Cardano. Bitcoin Cash now sits comfortably 4th with a $20.5B market cap.


Lisk is a smart contract competitor in the Ethereum / NEO frame. While Ethereum has been vulnerable to poorly coded smart contracts that have required hard-forks to fix, Lisk’s SideChain functionality is said to mitigate this flaw. Ethereum’s Proof of Work protocol is an expensive process, so the developers are working on a switch to a Proof of State protocol in the coming months. Lisk already has it implemented. It’s soaring today for no real reason, but it’s jumped up a few spots in the rankings to 14th – 1 slot above TRON – with a market cap of $2.67B.

Top Crypto Movers 2/3/18: Dentacoin (+40%), Nano (-7%)

Top Crypto Movers 2/3/18: Dentacoin (+40%), Nano (-7%)

Friday’s bounce has continued through Saturday. Did we put in a bottom Friday morning? Maybe. We’ll see if the momentum continues. I bet we chop sideways +/- 10% over the next 3-4 days but who knows.


Dentacoin promises dental records on the blockchain. I think it’s pretty useless. This 40% bounce is under context of a 90% correction from its highs. To me this is a dead cat bounce from a useless token.


Nano’s price soared 41% yesterday as Binance listed the asset, and today it is coming back down from some of the exuberance. Nano’s an interesting project as it promises free, instant, and infinitely scalable transactions. It does this all without miners traditionally required in the cryptocurrency space. With Nano, each user has their own blockchain within the main Nano database. When a transaction is initiated, two blocks are created – one for the sender’s chain and one for the receiver’s chain. When a user signs on to receive a transaction, their wallet will automatically sign the transaction with its private key in a process Nano calls Pocketing.

Nano also scores points for being highly decentralized. While it was pre-mined, there is no central authority. Its developers and roadmap is hyper focused on being the best free, instant, and minerless cryptocurrency – so you won’t see smart contract or privatizing functionality any time soon. IOTA is similar to Nano in a lot of ways – but does aspire to support these additional functionalities.

Top Crypto Movers: 2/1/18: DigixDAO (+11%), MonaCoin (-30%)

Top Crypto Movers: 2/1/18: DigixDAO (+11%), MonaCoin (-30%)

Another rough day for crypto. Only 2 of the top 100 assets were green on the day – Digixdao and ZCash. Big news of the day was a scare of a ban in India that was later rebuked – but the pain continued.


Literally gold on the blockchain. Breakout day – catapulting into the top 40 on no news. Maybe it’ll act as a hedge vs wider crypto assets going forward since it’s actually backed by a tangible asset – real. shiny. heavy. gold.


Japan’s cat meme coin took a beating. It’s a total gimmick and got appropriately punished as the wider crypto world is going through a major wakeup call.

Top Crypto Movers 1/31/18: RaiBlocks/Nano (+23%), Ignis (-16%)

Top Crypto Movers 1/31/18: RaiBlocks/Nano (+23%), Ignis (-16%)

Mixed results for crypto assets on this fine Wednesday with only 7 of the top 20 in the green. Bitcoin continues to lag Ethereum with their market caps beginning to tighten.

Raiblocks / Nano (XRB)

Raiblocks rebranded to Nano today and took a bid higher on the buzz. XRB has a sound development team and some of the most advanced tech in the space. The bull story here is that it’s got upside to facilitate hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Ignis (IGNIS)

Ignis is a child on the Ardor network. Ardor is shooting to be “blockchain as a service”, promising plug and play simplicity. Why was it down? Well, it was listed on Bittrex and spiked hard on January 30th – so today’s more of a return to the mean than anything fundamental.

Top Crypto Movers 1/30/18: Revain (+43%), Dent (-22%)

Top Crypto Movers 1/30/18: Revain (+43%), Dent (-22%)

Another bad day for crypto with the overall market sliding on news of Tether’s subpoena. 96/100 crypto assets are down over the last 24 hours, overall around 11%.


Today’s big winner was Revain, jumping into the top 100 with volume coming from Kucoin, BTC-Alpha, and Cryptopia. It currently sits at a $290M market cap, good for 79th overall. Revain promises to bring accuracy and accountability to the online review world by introducing strict KYC for reviewers and transparency through blockchain. They plan to incentivize reviewers with tokens for submitting quality feedback for their online purchases and product experiences.  No real news broke today – but the price surged despite sharp declines throughout the crypto world.


Amongst today’s losers – and there are many – today’s biggest decliner was Dent. Dent has set out to revolutionize mobile data. They want to enable P2P transactions where users buy, sell and gift data to other people at will. That would mean no roaming or surcharges. If successful, Dent would dramatically pressure the profit-margins of major telecoms and service providers.

It’s a big idea that was rewarded by investors to the tune of a $1B+ valuation just 3 weeks ago, but the hubris has died down and the market cap has receded down to $340M.

Top Cryptocurrency Movers: GAS (+38%), WAX (-15%) 1/29/18

Top Cryptocurrency Movers: GAS (+38%), WAX (-15%) 1/29/18

Overall cryptocurrency market cap was lower 4.6% on the day, sinking from $598B to $570B. The biggest gainer amongst the top 100 was GAS (+38%) while the biggest loser amongst the top 100 was WAX (-15%.)

GAS (+38%)

GAS is the currency used to process smart contracts on the NEO network. GAS has taken off in lock-step with NEO over the last few weeks, as NEO has bucked the wider crypto trend soaring from the 20th largest crypto asset to the 6th largest as the rest of the market has declined.

The NEO founding team is hosting their annual NEO DEVCON event in San Francisco tomorrow, and this spike may be in anticipation of an announcement.

WAX (-15%)

WAX is a potential solution to P2P digital microtransactions, especially related to skins and other assets in gaming.

It has continued its downtrend today – sinking to -44% for the week. This move appears strictly technical as the price has dipped violently below major moving averages.

For frequent updates, follow TopCryptoMover on Twitter.

DRAFT Promo Code

DRAFT Promo Code

So I work at DRAFT – a fantasy sports company. We run daily, weekly and season-long fantasy leagues for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf. My role there is on the marketing side where I run a few of our paid marketing channels like Facebook and Apple Search and help out with the affiliate and partnership side as well.

We run a lot of offline advertising, and we like to track which ads work and which ads don’t work so we know what we need to do more of and what we need to pull back from. To track offline channels, we use promo codes.

The issue with advertising promo codes to solve your attribution problem is that it creates a new attribution problem.

Users have a tough time remembering promo codes they hear in advertising, so when they go to sign up for your product and see the prompt to enter a promo code, they go search Google for one. If you have affiliates that create content about your product, they’ll rank for your branded terms like what we see for DRAFT Promo Code. We pay these affiliates for referrals, but we want the referrals we’re paying for to be truly incremental and not siphoned off at the finish line.

There are a few ways to attack the issue and capture more of your branded traffic, but it essentially comes down to disallowing the behavior through your affiliate terms or contracts and flat outranking the affiliates for the desirable terms.

At DRAFT, we’ve built a page to capture DRAFT Promo Code search traffic that gives our best sign-up offer. You’ll get a free $3 Entry on your first deposit and a money back guarantee on your 1st entry.

It’s a genuine offer, and the strategy to rank for the term works. Users are happy to sign up directly through us as long as they know they’re getting the best deal.