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A Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Alts?

A Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Alts?

How much Bitcoin should a crypto portfolio have? How much Ethereum? How heavily should you invest in other alts vs your Bitcoin holding? These are some of the most interesting discussions crypto investors have. They debate ad nauseam why their allocation is “correct” and why each alt coin in their portfolio has merits.

Here’s my current breakdown. I don’t have time to flesh this out right now but I wanted to post.

Ethereum (43.4%)

Monero (12.8%)

NEO (12.0%)

Bitcoin Cash (10.9%)

Bitcoin (6.4%)

ZCash (4.6%)

FunFair (2.4%)

ZClassic (1.4%)

Nano (1.3%)

0x (1.3%)

Augur (0.5%)

Status (0.7%)

Gas (1.2%)

Steem (1.1%)

Youtube TV and How I Cut The Cord

Youtube TV and How I Cut The Cord

I cut the cord from traditional cable and added YouTube TV 9 months ago. Netflix and Amazon subscriptions have also eased transition to a cable-less world, but YouTube TV has turned into a significant portion of my video consumption since I subscribed. It’s given me a majority of the channels I’d historically watched, unlimited DVR through a forgivingly clunky interface.

ESPN, 2, News, SEC Network, YES and the major networks have been staples of my consumption for as long as I remember. TNT and TBS have just been added today, so I now get all the NBA and March Madness NCAA I need for the rest of the year.

Youtube TV has just released their Samsung Smart TV App, so I don’t have to use my laptop to change channels or adjust DVR settings. The TV App is solid – the only major issue I’ve run into is fast-forwarding and rewinding on recorded programming. If I try to move too far too fast, the buffering freezes and I need to reboot the program. This only happens on long recordings – like movies and sporting events.

Overall I’m happy with YouTube TV. The product has improved quickly feature-wise and they seem committed to paying for more and more content providers. The new stations have all been free with my base subscription.

Top Crypto Movers 2/8/18: Bitcoin Cash (+31%), Lisk (+21%)

Top Crypto Movers 2/8/18: Bitcoin Cash (+31%), Lisk (+21%)

Do we have a bounce in the crypto space?! Maybe. Depends which technician or fortune teller you ask. Personally I don’t expect us to move strictly higher immediately, but I think the bottom is in and we’ll see buyers generally overwhelming the sellers. That’s partially because we have some regulatory direction after the CFTC hearing on Wednesday. The chairman Chris Giancarlo made some very positive statements about the category much to the exuberance of cryptocurrency twitter. Giancarlo’s account grew from 3k ->30k followers overnight.

Here’s a bit on today’s winners.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash surged over 31% today – the controversial fork of the bitcoin blockchain. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin Cash forked to increase the block size from 1MB to 8MB as traditional bitcoin fees soared due to a lack of block space. With the increased block size, essentially all Bitcoin Cash transactions are included in the next available block regardless of fees designated by the sender, so transactions are always confirmed within 10 minutes basically for free.

BCH tends to spike incredibly hard for a day or two before retracing a portion of the move over the following week. Remains to be seen how much of this move up is retained. Today’s move puts some distance over the next largest crypto asset – Cardano. Bitcoin Cash now sits comfortably 4th with a $20.5B market cap.


Lisk is a smart contract competitor in the Ethereum / NEO frame. While Ethereum has been vulnerable to poorly coded smart contracts that have required hard-forks to fix, Lisk’s SideChain functionality is said to mitigate this flaw. Ethereum’s Proof of Work protocol is an expensive process, so the developers are working on a switch to a Proof of State protocol in the coming months. Lisk already has it implemented. It’s soaring today for no real reason, but it’s jumped up a few spots in the rankings to 14th – 1 slot above TRON – with a market cap of $2.67B.

DRAFT Promo Code

DRAFT Promo Code

So I work at DRAFT – a fantasy sports company. We run daily, weekly and season-long fantasy leagues for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf. My role there is on the marketing side where I run a few of our paid marketing channels like Facebook and Apple Search and help out with the affiliate and partnership side as well.

We run a lot of offline advertising, and we like to track which ads work and which ads don’t work so we know what we need to do more of and what we need to pull back from. To track offline channels, we use promo codes.

Use the promo code BESTPROMOCODE on

The issue with advertising promo codes to solve your attribution problem is that it creates a new attribution problem.

Users have a tough time remembering promo codes they hear in advertising, so when they go to sign up for your product and see the prompt to enter a promo code, they go search Google for one. If you have affiliates that create content about your product, they’ll rank for your branded terms like what we see for DRAFT Promo Code. We pay these affiliates for referrals, but we want the referrals we’re paying for to be truly incremental and not siphoned off at the finish line.

There are a few ways to attack the issue and capture more of your branded traffic, but it essentially comes down to disallowing the behavior through your affiliate terms or contracts and flat outranking the affiliates for the desirable terms.

At DRAFT, we’ve built a page to capture DRAFT Promo Code search traffic that gives our best sign-up offer. You’ll get a free $3 Entry on your first deposit and a money back guarantee on your 1st entry.

You can also use promo code DPC2018.

It’s a genuine offer, and the strategy to rank for the term works. Users are happy to sign up directly through us as long as they know they’re getting the best deal.


DRAFT Reviews and Promo Code

DRAFT Reviews and Promo Code

DRAFT App Reviews and Promo Code

So you’re thinking about signing up to play some fantasy sports with us on DRAFT.  


Are you on the fence? Do you want to see what people are saying about us? Are you looking around for the best promo code?

You’re in luck.

We’ve rounded up reviews from 12 of our best users and have a secret promo code to help you get the best sign up offer.

Psst…the promo code is DRAFTREVIEW. You’ll get a free $3 entry and a money back guarantee.

Without further adieu, the reviews:

“Best Daily Fantasy App. I’ve played a lot of Draftkings and Fanduel so I was skeptical on trying Draft, but it is by far the best daily fantasy platform.

Drafting a team instead of using a salary cap is a lot more fun because everyone has a different lineup and it’s way more exciting.

Customer service is available within minutes any time of the day and they go above and beyond for you.

I’m withdrawing my Draftkings and Fanduel account to solely play Draft. Thanks for creating this.



“Way better. Season long guy converting to DFS and it’s perfect.

-Raymond Crawford


“Easy to use. Quick. Strategy based. Much higher chance of winning than the other daily fantasy sites.

-John Supon


Fun, fast, fair, easy to use, and even easier to win!  Been playing at DK for years. I won’t be going back!“

-Jeff Dalby



“Just awesome! Wanted to say that this is absolutely my favorite way to play dfs for any sport. Don’t need a big cash flow and odds of winning are way better than any site out there.

The main reason, tho, is Draft’s customer service. If you ever have a problem, which you most likely won’t, it will be taken care of probably before you even have to contact them. Basically, just wanted to give a 5 star rating and how much I enjoy this app!”




“Favorite site of all. I have played fantasy sports for 20 years. Been playing these money sites since they started. Played sites that aren’t even in existence anymore.

THIS is my favorite! By a ton!!!

You not gonna win a million dollars but I’ve been playing regularly for years. Won a few hundred a few times. But this is fun. This takes the most fun thing in Fantasy sports-drafting- and combines it with a chance of actually winning.

I never watched an NBA or NHL game before Draft. I’m 52 years old. But I watch now because of Draft.

Playing $1 in a league in a sport you know little about and still have a chance to win is more exciting than it seems. There are also games where you can play the big money and tournaments. You can create a draft and play for free against friends and family. There is nothing to not like about this site. So many options. I love it.”




If you’re a casual player, stop donating to the sharks who do Draftkings and FanDuel for a living. Draft is much more fun, easier to do, and you have a much better chance of actually making money.




“Wow! What a difference! The game we’ve all been waiting for. You don’t have to be an expert to win at this site. Not just win but triple your money vs the other site that requires a salary cap. No more checking on the bottom 5-8 players and guessing how many minutes they will play or hope for an injury so your $3,000 player gets extra playing time.

If you love sports and you love beating someone one on one then this is the game you have been looking for. Extremely fair, fun and full of skill choices to say you are better than most on any given night. Thank you DRAFT for making this game of skill so all players can play and win. Not just the players that are putting $10,000 a night in every night. Haven’t played the other sites since starting this in October. Can’t wait to play DRAFT Baseball, although Basketball has been very very good to me.”




“Best App Ever. I Have now officially replaced DraftKings with this app. Draft is hands down the best. I picked a player and it sent me a message that said “This player has been ruled out for tonight” you may go and swap that player”!!!! WOW, What a user friendly concept.

I’ve won more money in two days on this app than 6 months of DraftKings BS. Keep up the Great Work Draft.”

-Matt Beown


“I love playing on this app it made DK and FD step their game up. This is the way Daily Fantasy Sports is suppose to be played. In addition to any problems I have had they have always displayed excellent customer service and has solved it in a timely matter. Keep up the good work.”



“A total game changer.  In my opinion, the best DFS site on the planet. I can’t say enough good things about this app or the way it is run by the people who run it. 10 out of 10!”

-Gordon Boynton


Best DFS on the market, why? Customer Service that’s why.

“This DFS concept is so great. The snake-draft. It’s fast, you’ll be in a draft within minutes of choosing a competition. This new concept of DFS using snake-drafts is kickass.

DraftKings and FanDuel competitions get old and boring with the salary-cap format. I’ve been playing DFS for quite some time now, many years, and I’ve been waiting for a snake-draft concept to come into play, well it’s here! When compared to DK and FD I’ve made more money, maybe even 10 fold, based on the snake-draft concept. I’ve won or placed in approximately 50-75% of all competitions entered.

You have total control over your team and you don’t have to worry about salary -caps! You can have anyone on your team (as long as they’re not drafted before you!) so that you can have an All-Star team with Antonio Brown, L Bell, Tom Brady, Gronk, all on the same team!

They also have so many different game modes like H2H (my favorite), 3-10 team drafts, and the awesome Dream Team. Their tournaments are super kickass.”



And that’s a wrap!

Go ahead. Sign up with promo code DRAFTREVIEW and get out best offer!