Youtube TV and How I Cut The Cord

Youtube TV and How I Cut The Cord

I cut the cord from traditional cable and added YouTube TV 9 months ago. Netflix and Amazon subscriptions have also eased transition to a cable-less world, but YouTube TV has turned into a significant portion of my video consumption since I subscribed. It’s given me a majority of the channels I’d historically watched, unlimited DVR through a forgivingly clunky interface.

ESPN, 2, News, SEC Network, YES and the major networks have been staples of my consumption for as long as I remember. TNT and TBS have just been added today, so I now get all the NBA and March Madness NCAA I need for the rest of the year.

Youtube TV has just released their Samsung Smart TV App, so I don’t have to use my laptop to change channels or adjust DVR settings. The TV App is solid – the only major issue I’ve run into is fast-forwarding and rewinding on recorded programming. If I try to move too far too fast, the buffering freezes and I need to reboot the program. This only happens on long recordings – like movies and sporting events.

Overall I’m happy with YouTube TV. The product has improved quickly feature-wise and they seem committed to paying for more and more content providers. The new stations have all been free with my base subscription.

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