Top Crypto Movers: 2/1/18: DigixDAO (+11%), MonaCoin (-30%)

Top Crypto Movers: 2/1/18: DigixDAO (+11%), MonaCoin (-30%)

Another rough day for crypto. Only 2 of the top 100 assets were green on the day – Digixdao and ZCash. Big news of the day was a scare of a ban in India that was later rebuked – but the pain continued.


Literally gold on the blockchain. Breakout day – catapulting into the top 40 on no news. Maybe it’ll act as a hedge vs wider crypto assets going forward since it’s actually backed by a tangible asset – real. shiny. heavy. gold.


Japan’s cat meme coin took a beating. It’s a total gimmick and got appropriately punished as the wider crypto world is going through a major wakeup call.

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